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Nov-2017Factors associated to inpatient mortality rates in type-2-diabetic patients: a cross-sectional analytical study in three Peruvian hospitalsAtamari-Anahui, Noé; Martinez-Ninanqui, Franklin W.; Paucar-Tito, Liz; Mejia, Christian R.; Morales-Concha, Luz; Miranda-Chirau, Alejandra; Gamarra-Contreras, Marco Antonio; Zea-Nuñez, Carlos Antonio
2020Immunization activities in the context of the covid-19 pandemic in latin AmericaAtamari-Anahui, Noé; Conto-Palomino, Nadin Melina; Pereira-Victorio, César Johan
13-May-2019National trends in prevalence and mortality rates of thyroid cancer using data from the Ministry of Health of PeruAtamari-Anahui, Noé; Morales-Concha, Luz; Moncana-Arias, Ana Gabriela; De-los-Ríos-Pinto, Abraham; Huamanvilca-Yépez, Yerika; Pereira-Victorio, César Johan; Rondón-Abuhadba, Evelina Andrea; Ordoñez-Linares, Marco Edmundo
2021Prognostic value of excessive weight loss in newborns delivered by caesarean section in Cusco, PeruHinojosa-Florez, Liesbeth Gabriela; Delgado-Valencia, Edison; Quispe-Sancho, Alan; Rondón-Abuhadba, Evelina Andrea; Hidalgo, Félix; Atamari-Anahui, Noé; Pereira-Victorio, César Johan
2020Sleep quality in patients with Hypertension in a Peruvian hospital at 3400 meters above sea level, 2017Sucasaca-Rodríguez, Cristian; Ccorahua-Rios, Maycol Suker; Rodriguez-Ttupa, Lizeth Carla; Atamari-Anahui, Noé; Pereira-Victorio, César Johan