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2021Basic knowledge associated with fatalism generated by COVID-19 in Bolivian medical studentsCossio-Andia, Eddy; Villazon-Pardo, Paola Stephany; Campero-Argote, Jhoselin; Choque-Soto, Nilda; Escobar-Ortuño, Brian; Rodrigues Correia, Tarciso Rusivel; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Vinelli-Arzubiaga, Daniella; Mejia, Christian R.
Jan-2020Behaviors and perception about academic plagiarism in students of four universities in the city of Arequipa, PeruArias-Chávez, Dennis; Postigo-Zumarán, Julio E; Villalba-Condori, Klinge; Ramos-Quispe, Teresa
2021Bibliometric analysis of scientific production on academic writing: a study of the last 10 yearsPostigo-Zumarán, Julio E.; Nova Revilla, Lorena Jessica; Zavala Alfaro, Fanny Esperanza; Arias-Chávez, Dennis
2021Classroom flipped in a virtual platform for the development of competences. Case study: applied research courseHidalgo Benites, Lilliam E.; Villalba-Condori, Klinge O.; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Berrios-Espezua, Mario; Cano, Sandra
2021Democracy in the schools of Peru: A vision based on scientific and governmental literatureArias-Chávez, Dennis; Ocaña-Fernández, Yolvi; Postigo-Zumarán, Julio
2021Design and validation of a financial stress scale in Peruvian dependent workers during the COVID-19 pandemic (EFT-Cov19)Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Rodriguez-Alarcón, J. Franco; Villafuerte De La Cruz, Avelino Sebastian; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Mejia, Christian R.
2021Impact on the mental health of undergraduate students and their parents at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemicMejia, Christian R.; Solis-Cristobal, Esmeralda; Vilchez, Zochil C.; Vera–Gonzales, Jean J.; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Vinelli-Arzubiaga, Daniella; Serna-Alarcón, Victor; Vilela-Estrada, Martin A.
2020Morphological Structure and Semantic Content of The Toponyms of Huarochiri Province (Peru)Chávez-Bellido, Dina Emeteria; Berrío-Quispe, Margot Luliana; Cangalaya-Sevillano, Luis Miguel; Arias-Chávez, Dennis
2020Perception Of The Information Transmitted By The Media About Covid-19 And Its Relationship With The Fatalism Caused By The Pandemic In University Students In The City Of LimaArias-Chávez, Dennis; Postigo-Zumarán, Julio E.; Cangalaya-Sevillano, Luis Miguel
2021Perception of virtual classroom interaction and level of soft skills in college studentsPostigo Zumarán, Julio Éfrain; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Ramos-Quispe, Teresa
2021Research article's abstracts analysis in two scientific areas: a multidisciplinary studyRamos-Quispe, Teresa; Postigo-Zumarán, Julio Efraín; Arias-Chávez, Dennis
2021World scientific production on the vaccine against COVID-19: Analysis of the period 2020-2021Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Postigo-Zumarán, Julio E.; Chumacero Calle, Juan Carlos; Palacios Garay, Jessica Paola; Ocaña-Fernández, Yolvi; Hernández, Ronald M.