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2020Factorial validity and invariance analysis of the five items version of Mindful Awareness Attention Scale in older adultsCaycho-Rodríguez, T.; Tomás, J.M.; Ventura- León, J.; Carranza Esteban, R.F.; Oblitas Guadalupe, L.A.; Reyes-Bossio, M.,; García Cadena, C.H.; Cabrera-Orosco, I.
May-2020New contributions towards the understanding of suicidal ideation and attempt in Peruvian older adultsCaycho-Rodríguez, T.; Cabrera-Orosco, I.; Noé-Grijalva, M.; Carranza Esteban, R.F.
2019Psychometric evidence of a brief version of the mindful awareness attention scale in college studentsCaycho-Rodríguez, T.; García Cadena, C.H.,; Reyes-Bossio, M.; Cabrera-Orosco, I.; Oblitas Guadalupe, L.A.; Arias Gallegos, W.L.
2018Psychometric evidence of the diener’s satisfaction with life scale in peruvian elderlyCaycho-Rodríguez, T.; Ventura-León, J.; García Cadena, C.H.; Barboza-Palomino, M.; Arias Gallegos, W.L.; Dominguez-Vergara, J.; Azabache-Alvarado, K.; Cabrera-Orosco, I.; Samaniego Pinho, A.
2019Single item to assess for worry for cancer: Initial evidence of validity and reliabilityCaycho-Rodríguez, T.; Rojas-Jara, C.; Ventura-León, J.; Noe-Grijalva, M.; Cabrera-Orosco, I.; Reyes-Bossio, M.
Dec-2018Validity and factorial invariance of a brief measure of satisfaction with family lifeCaycho-Rodríguez, T.; Ventura-León, J.; Barboza-Palomino, M.; Reyes-Bossio, M.; Gallegos, W.L.A.; Cadena, C.H.G.; Cabrera-Orosco, I.; Ayala, J.; Morgado-Gallardo, K.; Cahua, J.C.H.