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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of production, impact, and collaboration networks in scientific research in Scopus for Peru from 2000 to 2019Mendoza-Chuctaya, Giuston; Chachaima-Mar, Jorge E.; Mejia, Christian R.; Mirano-Ortiz-de-Orue, Mayu Gabriel; Rodrigo Ramos, Kevin; Calla-Torres, Milagros; De-los-Ríos-Pinto, Abraham; Ccorahua-Rios, Maycol Suker; Santander-Cahuantico, Ana Claudia; Centeno-Araujo, Alessandra; Miranda-Solis, Franklin; Huaraca Paricahua, Ranceth
2021Characteristics associated with the type of donor in kidney transplant; an experience in a high-altitude cityMendoza-Chuctaya, Giuston; Liñán-Mejía, Carla; Ramos Chuctaya, Kevin Rodrigo; Mejia, Christian R.; Ruiz-Esquivel, Jorge