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2019Altitude and its inverse association with abdominal obesity in an andean country: A cross-sectional studyPajuelo-Ramírez, J.; Torres-Aparcana, H.; Agüero-Zamora, R.; Quispe, A.M.
2020Association between the proportion of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax infections detected by passive surveillance and the magnitude of the asymptomatic reservoir in the community: a pooled analysis of paired health facility and community dataStresman, G.; Sepúlveda, N.; Fornace, K.; Grignard, L.; Mwesigwa, J.; Achan, J.; Miller, J.; Bridges, D.J.; Eisele, T.P.; Mosha, J.; Lorenzo, P.J.; Macalinao, M.L.; Espino, F.E.; Tadesse, F.; Stevenson, J.C.; Quispe, A.M.; Siqueira, A.; Lacerda, M.; Yeung, S.; Sovannaroth, S.; Pothin, E.; Gallay, J.; Hamre, K.E.; Young, A.; Lemoine, J.F.; Chang, M.A.; Phommasone, K.; Mayxay, M.; Landier, J.; Parker, D.M.; Von Seidlein, L.; Nosten, F.; Delmas, G.; Dondorp, A.; Cameron, E.; Battle, K.; Bousema, T.; Gething, P.; D'Alessandro, U.; Drakeley, C.
1-Jun-2020Efficacy and safety of oncoplastic surgery plus drug therapy for chronic tuberculous granulomatous mastitisPaz, M.E.P.; Lazo, L.B.; Palao, D.C.; Pinto Ruiz, D.F.; Huaman, M.R.; Quispe, A.M.
2021Seroprevalence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in Iquitos, Peru in July and August, 2020: a population-based studyÁlvarez-Antonio, C.,; Meza-Sánchez, G.,; Calampa, C.,; Casanova, W.,; Carey, C.,; Alava, F.,; Rodríguez-Ferrucci, H.,; Quispe, A.M.
2019Twenty-two years’ experience registering trials in a low-middle income country: The Peruvian Clinical Trial RegistryAlarcon-Ruiz, C.A.; Roque-Roque, J.S.; Heredia, P.; Gómez-Briceño, A.R.; Quispe, A.M.