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2019Compulsive gaming in secondary school students from five peruvian cities: Usage and addiction to the Pokémon GO gameMejia, Christian R.; Mena, Lienneke S.; Mogollón, César A.; Figueroa-Romero, Rocío; Hernández-Calderón, Edgardo N.; Aguilar-Fernández, Andrés M.; Chacon, Jhosselyn I.; Miñan-Tapia, Armando; Tovani-Palone, Marcos Roberto; Hernández-Arriaga, Gustavo
2021Depression, anxiety, and stress in health professionals working during the covid-19 pandemic in Peru: An analytical cross-sectional studyQuispe-Sancho, Alan; Chambi-Macedo, Katerin Lesly; Laurel-Vargas, Verónica; Huamani-Merma, Edson; Cuzcano-Gonzales, Katherine Vanesa; Huaita-Rocha, Milagros Alexandra; Mendoza-Guillen, Lesly; Sanchez-Choquepata, Akemi Diana; Fuentes-Casani, Jheampiero; Bandeira, António; Tovani-Palone, Marcos Roberto; Mejia, Christian R.
2021Fear Perception of the COVID-19 Pandemic in PeruMejia, Christian R.; Rodriguez-Alarcon, J. Franco; Vera-Gonzales, Jean J.; Ponce-Lopez, Vania L.; Chamorro-Espinoza, Scherlli E.; Quispe-Sancho, Alan; Marticorena-Flores, Rahi K.; Varela-Villanueva, Elizabeth S.; Pedersini, Paolo; Tovani-Palone, Marcos Roberto
2020Perception of possible sars-cov-2 infection and associated complications in seven labor sectors in peruMejia, Christian R.; Charri, Julio C.; Rodriguez-Alarcon, J. Franco; Flores-Lovon, Kevin; Cuzcano-Gonzales, K. Vanesa; Benites-Ibarra, Christeam A.; Huamani-Merma, Edson; Vasquez-Ascate, Jhosephi; Medina-Palomino, Daril S.; Tovani-Palone, Marcos Roberto