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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2019A learning analytics experience using interaction visualization dashboards to support virtual tutoringOliva-Córdova, L.M.; Amado-Salvatierra, H.R.; Monterroso, L.; Bojórquez-Roque, M.S.; Villalba-Condori, K.
2019The pragmatic resources of verbal irony in the film annie hall: An analysis from the perspective of the theory of relevanceChavez, D.A.; Quispe, T.R.; Villalba-Condori, K.
2020World scientific production on covid-19: Analysis of the period February-march, 2020Arias-Chávez, D.; Ramos-Quispe, T.; Villalba-Condori, K.; Postigo-Zumarán, J.E.