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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2018Teaching ethics to peruvian medical studentsMejia, C.R.; Vargas, M.; Verastegui-Díaz, A.; Quispe-Colquepisco, S.; Mena, L.S.; Mendoza, L.P.; Carbajal, M.
Aug-2019The Central Andes of Peru: a key area for the conservation of Polylepis forest biodiversityQuispe-Melgar, H.R.; Sevillano-Ríos, C.S.; Navarro Romo, W.C.; Ames-Martínez, F.N.; Camel, V.; Fjeldså, J.; Kessler, M.
2020Translational medicine in Peru, policy making and evidence-based improvementMejia, C.R.; Montalvo, R.; Tresierra-Aala, M.
2019Twenty-two years’ experience registering trials in a low-middle income country: The Peruvian Clinical Trial RegistryAlarcon-Ruiz, C.A.; Roque-Roque, J.S.; Heredia, P.; Gómez-Briceño, A.R.; Quispe, A.M.
2017Use of hydrogeomorphic indexes in SAGA-GIS for the characterization of flooded areas in Madre de Dios, PeruGarcía-Rivero, A.E.; Olivera, J.; Salinas, E.; Yuli, R.A.; Bulege, W.
2017Use of smartphones and Facebook associated with self-perception of academic performance among Peruvian medical studentsMejia, C.R.; Flores, S.D.; Verastegui-Díaz, A.; García-Moreno, K.M.; Vargas, M.; Cárdenas, M.M.; Quiñones-Laveriano, D.M.
3-Aug-2019Using dendrochronology to trace the impact of the hemiparasite Tristerix chodatianus on Andean Polylepis treesCamel, Vladimir; Arizapana-Almonacid, Marco; Pyles, Marcela; Galeano, Esteban; Quispe-Melgar, Harold R.; Ninanya-Parra, Zulema; Ames-Martínez, Fressia N.; Requena-Rojas, Edilson; Kessler, Michael
2017Work accidents reported to a social security hospital in Piura-Perú, 2010-2012Mejia, C.R.; Bazán-Ruiz, S.; Valladares-Garrido, D.; Quiñones-Laveriano, D.M.; Gomero, R.