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Título: The gastronomic experience: motivation and satisfaction of the gastronomic tourist—the case of puno city (Peru)
Autor(es): Cordova-Buiza, Franklin
Gabriel-Campos, Edwin
Castaño-Prieto, Lucía
García-García, Lucía
Palabras clave: Gastronomía
Editorial: Universidad Continental
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Fecha disponible: 15-nov-2021
Cita bibliográfica: Cordova, F., Gabriel, E., Castaño, L. (y otros 1) (2021). The gastronomic experience: motivation and satisfaction of the gastronomic tourist—the case of puno city (Peru). Sustainability (Switzerland), 13(16), 1-17. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/su13169170
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/su13169170
Resumen/Abstract: Gastronomy is a fundamental aspect of culture in daily life, through which tourists can discover the cultural heritage of the places they visit. Therefore, culinary pleasure is a decisive factor in choosing a travel destination; at the same time, it is essential for shaping tourists’ satisfaction regarding their travel experience. This research seeks to study the gastronomic experiences of foreign tourists visiting the city of Puno (Peru) during the celebration of the festival of the Virgen de la Calendaria, recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage event by UNESCO. The results of this research highlighted the existence of three groups of tourists (referred to as survivors, enjoyers and experiencers) based on their perceptions of gastronomic experiences in the city. We also concluded that there are significant differences in each of the groups in terms of their motivation for visiting the city, based on gastronomy. Finally, the results allow us to conclude that the levels of tourist satisfaction are different, depending on their attitude toward gastronomy, as classified by the groupings obtained.
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Extensión: p. 1-17
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