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Title: Prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), herbal, and other treatments and preventive uses for COVID-19
Authors: Yáñez, Jaime A.
Chung, Sun Ah
Román, Brenda Rojas
Hernández-Yépez, Palmer J.
Garcia-Solorzano, Franko O.
Del-Aguila-Arcentales, Shyla
Inga-Berrospi, Fiorella
Mejia, Christian R.
Alvarez-Risco, Aldo
Keywords: COVID-19
Other treatment
Health Professions (all)
Medicine (all)
Publisher: Elsevier
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Date available: 11-May-2022
Bibliographic citation: Yáñez , J A , Chung , S A , Román , B R , Hernández-Yépez , P J , Garcia-Solorzano , F O , Del-Aguila-Arcentales , S , Inga-Berrospi , F , Mejia , C R & Alvarez-Risco , A 2021 , Prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), herbal, and other treatments and preventive uses for COVID-19 . in Environmental and Health Management of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) . Elsevier , pp. 379-416 .
Abstract: The current COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly worldwide and has challenged fragile health care systems, vulnerable socioeconomic conditions, and population risk factors, and has led to an overwhelming tendency to misuse prescription drugs and self-medication with prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, herbals products, and unproven chemicals as a desperate preventive or curative measure for COVID-19. In this chapter, we present the legislative differences between prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and herbals. Various approved and nonapproved prescription and OTC drugs as symptomatic treatment for COVID-19 are listed and evaluated based on their reported efficacy, safety, and toxicological profile. We also present the various herbal products that are currently studied and used as treatment and preventive for COVID-19. The efficacy, toxicology profile, safety, and legal issues of some speculative preventive and treatment options against COVID-19, such as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), colloidal silver, and hydrogen peroxide is presented. The chapter also emphasizes the specific strategies that need to be implemented to guide the population in the effective and safe use of prescribed medications, such as the Medication Therapy Management or Pharmaceutical Care process. Finally, this chapter aims to provide a deeper insight into the lack of health literacy in the population and the effect that drug utilization research (DUR) has in the decision making of health authorities and general public. We aim to provide the current information about the various treatment and preventive options used for COVID-19.
Description: Publisher Copyright: © 2021 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Peer reviewed
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Is part of: Environmental and Health Management of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
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