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Title: Analysis of the influence of solar cycles on meteorological variables in the central inter-Andean valley of Peru in the period 1986-2019
Authors: Chihuan Castro, Kiara Nikol
Chucos Palomino, Angie Arlin
Fernandez Ladera, Gozalo Jesús
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Peña Rojas, Anieval
Keywords: Energía solar
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 2021 24-Jun-2022
Citation: Chihuan, K., Chucos, A. y Fernandez, G. (2021). Analysis of the influence of solar cycles on meteorological variables in the central inter-Andean valley of Peru in the period 1986-2019. Tesis para optar el título profesional de Ingeniero Ambiental, Escuela Académico Profesional de Ingeniería Ambiental, Universidad Continental, Huancayo, Perú.
Abstract: Solar activity transmitted in energy reaches the Earth, affecting atmospheric temperature and other global weather variables. This research aims to analyze the relationship between solar cycles and meteorological variables in the Central Inter-Andean Valley during the period 1986-2019. Sunspot data were obtained from the Royal Observatory of Belgium for solar cycles 22, 23 and 24, and the meteorological variables of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru from five stations that are distributed in the Valley. For the correlation of the variables, the nonparametric Spearman statistical test with a third-degree polynomial regression was applied. The results show that there is a decrease in the number of sunspots in cycle 24, and that the temperature varies by 3.85°C in the study period. Of the five stations analyzed, four of them show that there is no relation between the variables and only in the station Viques there is an inverse relation for α<0.05 referring to the variables of maximum temperature and sunspots, obtaining a coefficient of determination of R 2= 0,619. Therefore, solar activity does not influence the climate variability of the study valley, and this is due to climate change due to the effects of anthropogenic activities.
Extension: p. 89-94
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metadata.dc.source: Universidad Continental
Repositorio Institucional - Continental
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