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Title: Systematic review of the efficiency of aquatic plants in the wastewater treatment
Authors: Palomino Seguil, Yulissa Eveliz
Vilchez Garay, Lucero Nataly
Cortez Matencios, Carlos Miguel
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Cornejo Tueros, Jose Vladimir
Keywords: Plantas acuáticas
Tratamiento del agua
Gestión ambiental
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 2021 5-Sep-2022
Citation: Palomino, Y., Vilchez, L. y Cortez, C. (2021). Systematic review of the efficiency of aquatic plants in the wastewater treatment. Tesis para optar el título profesional de Ingeniero Ambiental, Escuela Académico Profesional de Ingeniería Ambiental, Universidad Continental, Huancayo, Perú.
Abstract: Wastewater treatment uses a phytoremediation strategy that sets significant trends according to recent research from the 2019-2021 period, being one of the most efficient strategies regarding the removal of pollutants using artificial wetlands with aquatic plants. Therefore, the objective of the review article is to determine the efficiency of the aquatic plant in the phytoremediation process for the treatment of industrial, domestic, and municipal wastewater through a systematic mapping method that allows us to summarize the theoretical framework avoiding. The exclusions also have a comparative descriptive design for the study variables where it has been found that Eichhornia Crassipes is an aquatic weed that removed NO2- and NO3- up to 93% of industrial wastewater, in Pistia stratiotes it removed Turbidity (98.5%), N total (100%), P total (100%) and COD (79.18%) in household wastewater in 60 days. Finally, Azolla Filiculoides removed SO42- (83%), Cl (76%), PO43- (84%), NO3- (76%), COD (79%), BOD (63%) and EC (49%) from municipal wastewater in 21 days.
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metadata.dc.source: Universidad Continental
Repositorio Institucional - Continental
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