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Title: Experimental Prototype of Biogas for Domestic Heating
Authors: Flores Medina, Karen Julissa
Condor Luquillas, Yomara
Canchari Huaman, Leslie Jannyra
Canales Guerra, Veronica
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Canales Guerra, Veronica
Keywords: Biomasa
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 2024 9-Jul-2024
Citation: Flores, K., Condor, Y., Canchari, L. y Canales, V. (2024). Experimental Prototype of Biogas for Domestic Heating. Tesis para optar el título profesional de Ingeniero Ambiental, Escuela Académico Profesional de Ingeniería Ambiental, Universidad Continental, Huancayo, Perú.
Abstract: According to INEI more than 30% of the population lives in high Andean areas of Peru that are affected by frosts reaching levels below zero degrees Celsius and existing heating system costs too much at 0.10 €kwh. This work developed an experimental prototype to obtain biogas to improve the production processes for domestic heating based on pig manure. For the experimental prototype, recycled materials such as timbo, pipe connections, a car tire with a volume of 20 238.85 cm3 were used to store the biogas produced from 7 kg of pig manure with a ratio of 1-3 (manure-water), in a time of 25 days, achieving to light a stove. The process was automated for production without user intervention through servovalve mixing controls, temperature sensors, methane gas sensors, an outlet pipe for the biol so that it can be used as fertilizer, and will be controlled from the HMI screen by a PLC S7-1200 1214 DC/DC/DC and a TP700 HMI which allows one operator to control the biodigester. The biogas generated will be transferred through a hose to the house to supply the heater.
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metadata.dc.source: Universidad Continental
Repositorio Institucional - Continental
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