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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2016Unit 9: Past continuous questionsQuiñonez, Jean Paul
20-Dec-2016Unit 8: Possessive Pronouns Whose...?Quiñonez, Jean Paul
5-Dec-2016Unit 5: Simple pastQuiñonez, Jean Paul
5-Dec-2016Unit 4: Future simple with be going to and present progressiveQuiñonez, Jean Paul
20-Jul-2016Unit 1: All about you "The verb to be I, you and we"Mora Velit, Giselle
20-Dec-2016Unit 9: Past continuous statementsQuiñonez, Jean Paul
5-Dec-2016Unit 6: There is / There areQuiñonez, Jean Paul
20-Dec-2016Unit 8: Adjective order one an onesQuiñonez, Jean Paul
5-Dec-2016Unit 6: Modals for requestQuiñonez, Jean Paul
13-Apr-2016Charla InformativaBartra García, Elvis