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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of production, impact, and collaboration networks in scientific research in Scopus for Peru from 2000 to 2019Mendoza-Chuctaya, Giuston; Chachaima-Mar, Jorge E.; Mejia, Christian R.; Mirano-Ortiz-de-Orue, Mayu Gabriel; Rodrigo Ramos, Kevin; Calla-Torres, Milagros; De-los-Ríos-Pinto, Abraham; Ccorahua-Rios, Maycol Suker; Santander-Cahuantico, Ana Claudia; Centeno-Araujo, Alessandra; Miranda-Solis, Franklin; Huaraca Paricahua, Ranceth
2021Socio-academic factors influencing knowledge about organ donation among medical students in Paraguay, 2018Aveiro-Robalo, T. R.; Paredes-González, X.; Recalde-Hellman, C.; Barboza-Molinas, E.; Cardozo, P.; Ojeda, B .; Ortega, E.; Mejia, Christian R.
2021Translation into Spanish and validation of feedback in medical education questionnaire (FEEDME-Culture) during clinical rotationsHuancahuire-Vega, Salomón; White, Michael; Campos, Juliana da Fonseca; Castillo-Ariza, Martín, D.; Carranza-Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Rodriguez-Alarcon, J.Franco; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Clinical manifestations and course of the first six reported cases of COVID-19 in the medical doctors of PeruVilela-Estrada, Martín A.; Benites-Flores, Irwing R.; García-Saavedra, Mario B.; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Risk factors and injury causes in occupational accidents in 8 peruvian provincesCardenas, Matlin M.; Cáceres-del-Carpio, Javier; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Physiological and anthropometric variations in workers due to their residence in three geographic altitudes in PeruMejia, Christian R.; Cáceres, Onice J.; Rodriguez Alarcon, J. Franco; Corrales-Reyes, Ibraín Enrique
2020Association between the altitude of residential areas and clinical diagnosis of chronic gastritis in ambulatory patients of Peru: A cross-sectional analytic studyQuiñones-Laveriano, Dante M.; De La Cruz-Vargas, Jhony A.; Quintana-Gomez, Sarah; Failoc-Rojas, Virgilio E.; Lozano-Gutiérrez, José; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Factors associated with variation in spirometric values in workers at high altitudeMejia, Christian R.; Cárdenas, Matlin M.; Cáceres, Onice J.; Verastegui-Diaz, Araseli; Vera, Claudia A.; Gomero-Cuadra, Raúl
2020Association between prior extracurricular publications and the intent of students publishing their theses in scientific journals: A Cross-Sectional Study of 40 Medical Schools in Latin AmericaValladares-Garrido, Mario J.; Serrano, Felipe T.; Pereira-Victorio, César J.; Saldaña, Miguel; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Effect of rural and marginal urban health service on the physicians’ perception of primary health care in PeruBendezu-Quispe, Guido; Mari-Huarache, Luis Felipe; Taype-Rondan, Álvaro; Mejia, Christian R.; Inga-Berrospi, Fiorella