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Title: Endothelial dysfunction assessment by flow-mediated dilation in a high-altitude population
Authors: Calderón-Gerstein, W. S.
López-Peña, A.
Macha-Ramírez, R.
Bruno-Huamán, A.
Espejo-Ramos, R.
Vílchez-Bravo, S.
Ramírez-Breña, M.
Damián-Mucha, M.
Matos-Mucha, A.
Keywords: Endothelial dysfunction
Brachial artery
High altitude
Flow-mediated vasodilation
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Date available: 28-May-2019
Bibliographic citation: Calderón-Gerstein, W.S. López-Peña, A. Macha-Ramírez, R.,... (2017). Endothelial dysfunction assessment by flow-mediated dilation in a high-altitude population. Vascular Health and Risk Management. 13, 421-426.
DOI: 10.2147/VHRM.S151886
Abstract: Introduction: Endothelial function at high altitude has been measured only in populations that are genetically adapted to chronic hypoxia. The objective of this study was to evaluate endothelial dysfunction (ED) in a nongenetically adapted high-altitude population of the Andes mountains, in Huancayo, Peru (3,250 meters above sea level). Methods: Participants included 61 patients: 28 cases and 33 controls. The cases were subjects with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, or a history of stroke or coronary artery disease. Flow-mediated vasodilation (FMD) of the brachial artery was measured in the supine position, at noon, after 5 minutes of resting. The brachial artery was identified above the elbow. Its basal diameter was measured during diastole, and FMD was tested after 5 minutes of forearm ischemia. Intima–media complex in the right carotid artery was also determined. An increase in the artery’s baseline diameter <10% indicated a positive test. Endothelium-independent vasodilation was evaluated with sublingual nitrate administration. The intima–media complex in the right carotid artery was also measured.
Description: 421-426
Notes: El texto completo de este trabajo no está disponible en el Repositorio Institucional - Continental por restricciones de la casa editorial donde ha sido publicado.
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Source: Universidad Continental
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