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Title: Correlates of bullying victimization and sexual harassment: Implications for life satisfaction in late adolescents
Authors: Oriol, X.
Miranda, R.
Amutio, A.
Keywords: Adolescentes
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Date available: 7-Jul-2020
Bibliographic citation: Oriol, X., Miranda, R. & Amutio, A. (2019). Correlates of bullying victimization and sexual harassment: Implications for life satisfaction in late adolescents. Journal of School Nursing. 10.1177/1059840519863845
Abstract: Bullying and sexual harassment are considered widespread public health concerns because they may have negative effects on physical and mental health. However, more studies are necessary that relate these forms of victimization and their overlap with subjective well-being. This study explores the prevalence and association between different forms of bullying victimi- zation, sexual harassment, and life satisfaction using a sample of 47,114 students aged 16–18 years and from 646 Peruvian educational institutions. Face-to-face bullying was the most reported type of victimization, followed by cyberbullying. There was a large degree of overlap between these two forms of bullying as well as between traditional bullying and sexual har- assment. This overlap causes a decrease in life satisfaction in late adolescents. Thus, the need of preventing the negative dynamics of violence in order to prevent the overlapping of different violence forms in adolescence is discussed. Finally, implications for school nurses are outlined.
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