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Title: Systemic loxoscelism in an epileptic patient.
Alternative Titles: Loxoscelismo sistémico en un paciente epiléptico
Authors: Pichardo-Rodriguez, R.
Grandez-Urbina, J.A.
Zegarra del Rosario-Alvarado, S.
del Carpio-Yañez, V.A.
Saavedra-Velasco, M.
Garcia-Perdomo, H.A.
Keywords: Epilepsia
Atención al paciente
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 2020
Date available: 11-Jul-2020
Bibliographic citation: Pichardo-Rodriguez, R., Grandez-Urbina, J.A., Zegarra del Rosario-Alvarado, S., del Carpio,Yañez, V.A., Saavedra-Velasco, M. & Garcia-Perdomo, H.A. (2020). Systemic loxoscelism in an epileptic patient. Revista Cientifica de la Sociedad Espanola de Enfermeria Neurologica. 10.1016/j.sedene.2019.10.004
Abstract: Loxoscelism is the clinical problem produced by the bite of a spider of the genus Loxosceles. The most severe presentation is systemic loxoscelism that can compromise the patient’s life if itis not diagnosed and treated in time. There are no reports about how it presents in patients with an epilepsy diagnosis. We present the case of a 28-year old male patient, with a prior history of epilepsy in treatment with anticonvulsants. He developed systemic loxoscelism after a spider bite in the posterior middle third of the right arm. However, the patient did not develop seizures despite the unfavourable course of his clinical symptoms.
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