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dc.contributor.authorVillalba-Condori, Klinge-
dc.contributor.authorBerroa-Garagate, Hania Carola-
dc.contributor.authorBegazo Miranda, José Oscar-
dc.contributor.authorRamos-Quispe, Teresa-
dc.contributor.authorPonce-Soto, Luis Alberto-
dc.identifier.citationVillalba-Condori, K.O., Berroa-Garate, H.C., Miranda, J.O.B., Ramos-Quispe, T., Ponce-Soto L.A. Overweight and obesity related to food consumption and physical activity inschool children aged 9-14,ofstate educational institutions in cerro colorado district,Arequipa-Peru. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 11(4), 1021-1030, (2019).
dc.description.abstractThe problem of overweight and obesity has increased worldwide and Peru is not anexception.Its origin include several factors,among them stand out, the food consumption pattern and the physical activity. The main objectiveof this study was to determine the relationship of overweight and obesity related with food consumption and the physical activity level in schoolchildren. The study design for this research was descriptive, correlational, analytical and cross-sectional. The sample size consisted of 328 students including both male and female scholars. The Anthropometric method was used including dataof weight, size, skinfold thickness, perimeters and circumferences to evaluate thenutritional status and toknowthe corporal fat distribution. The methods dietary evaluation and interview were used as instruments,applying the 24-hour Dietary Recall and the international test PAQ C (Physical Activity Questionnaire for Children) to describe food consumptionand physical activitylevel. Results show that 55.49% ofschoolchildren have a normal nutritional status according to their BMI (Body Mass Index), 29.88% are overweight and 14.02%,have the condition of obesity. The percentage of body fat and the total amount of kilocalories consumed in excess was significantly higher in female students than in male. Regarding to physical activity level, sedentariness was higher in female students with 16.33% more than in male students. When relating overweight, obesity, food consumption and level of physical activity, it is concluded that excessive consumption of calories and sedentariness are associated with the presence of overweight and obesity in the evaluated school children (P < 0.05).es_ES
dc.format.extentp. 1021-1030es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad Continentales_ES
dc.sourceUniversidad Continentales_ES
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - Continentales_ES
dc.titleOverweight and Obesity Related to Food Consumption and Physical Activity inSchool Children aged 9-14,ofState Educational Institutions in Cerro Colorado District,Arequipa-Perues_ES
dc.description.noteObesidad, Adolescentes, nutriciónes_ES
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