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Title: Development and Evaluation of an e-Learning Model of Teaching-Learning in Multidisciplinary Education Subjects in Technological Higher Education
Authors: Duche Perez, Alexander Brian
Paredes Quispe, Fanny Miyahira
Gutierrez Aguilar, Olger Albino
Arias Chavez, Dennis
Keywords: Educación superior
Tecnología educativa
Tecnología de la información
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Date available: 15-Jul-2020
Bibliographic citation: Duche Perez, A.B., Paredes Quispe, F.M., Gutierrez Aguilar, O.A., Arias Chavez, D. Development and evaluation of an e-learning model of teaching-learning in multidisciplinary education subjects in technological higher education. Proceedings - 14th Latin American Conference on Learning Technologies, LACLO 2019, 899517, 359-366, (2019). DOI: 10.1109/LACLO49268.2019.00067
Abstract: The present work shows the design experience, implementation and evaluation of the training courses under the e-learning modality of a technological higher education institute. A virtual learning model was designed in accordance with the educational policy guidelines and the socio-professional and family profile of the student body. The experience shows the results from the satisfaction of the students observing the potentialities of the same and their limitations. The findings in relation to this educational innovation project showed that the main limiting factor is the digital divide gap and the low level of computer and information skills acquired by students in the school stage. However, it was observed that the subjects whose contents are mostly of a conceptual nature present a higher level of satisfaction and student academic performance. Likewise, the need for a progressive and gradual implementation of subjects in this virtual mode of learning is observed.
Notes: Educación superior, tecnología educativa, tecnología de la información
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Source: Universidad Continental
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