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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Assessing Problem-Based Learning satisfaction using Net Promoter Score in a virtual learning environmentGamarra-Moreno, Abraham; Gamarra-Moreno, Daniel; Gamarra-Moreno, Arturo; Gamarra-Moreno, Juan
2021Electronic taster applied for identification of a rainbow trout spoilage specificsKuchmenko, T., A.; Umarkhanov, R., U.; Mateyeva, A.; Uazhanova, R.; Kornekho Tueros, J., V.
2020Comparison of user experience in online programming learning platforms: Case study in novice programmers from Huancayo, PeruTaipe Miranda, Gino Joel; Marquez Solis, Pedro Yuri
2020Depression and the meaning of life in university students in times of pandemicRomero Parra, Mireya
2021A robotic prosthesis as a functional upper-limb aid: An innovative reviewHuamanchahua, Deyby; Rosales-Gurmendi, Diana; Taza-Aquino, Yerson; Valverde-Alania, Dalma; Cama-Iriarte, Miguel; Vargas-Martinez, Adriana; Ramirez-Mendoza, Ricardo A.
2021Chemical Composition and Calorific Power of tree species in the Peruvian AndesBelito, E. E.; Alvarez-Montalván, E. C.; Alvarez-Orellana, C. J.; Laredo, R. I.; Manrique-León, S.; Julian-Laime, E.
2021Mechatronic exoskeletons for lower-limb rehabilitation: An innovative reviewHuamanchahua, Deyby; Taza-Aquino, Yerson; Figueroa-Bados, Jhon; Alanya-Villanueva, Jason; Vargas-Martinez, Adriana; Ramirez-Mendoza, Ricardo A.
2021Design of an Automatic System of an Accelerated Biogas Biodigester for Rural Areas in PeruChamorro Quijano, Sario Angel; Arce Misajel, Jean Pierre; Cruz Esteban, Dominick Marco; Quispe Cabana, Roberto Belarmino; Manzanares Grados, Ruth Aracelis
2021Application of Mechanical Relations in Mathematical Modeling to Oxygenate Synthetic Wastewater through a Circular Rotary AeratorCornejo Tueros, Jose Vladimir; Sanabria Perez, Elias Adrian; Elias, Adrian; Cuñivo Muñico, Danitza Mayli; Guevara Yanqui, Pascual Victor; Huanca Villanes, Yanett del Pilar
2021Effects of Climate Change on the Surface Waters of the Santa River, la Rinconada - Ancash - PeruCampomanes, G.P.,; Lannacone, J.