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Title: Elastomeros cells as sinks seismic joints for contraction in floors expansion and sliding
Alternative Titles: Celdas de elastómeros como sumideros de juntas sísmicas para contracción en pisos de expansión y deslizamiento
Authors: Vera, B.
Farfán, D.
Vizcardo, A.
Keywords: Diseño sísmico
Fluido viscoso
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2019
Date available: 17-Jul-2020
Creation date: 2020
Bibliographic citation: Vera, B., Farfán, D., Vizcardo, A. (2019). Elastomeros cells as sinks seismic joints for contraction in floors expansion and sliding. AIP Conference Proceedings, 2065(1). https://doi. 10.1063 / 1.5088273
DOI: 10.1063 / 1.5088273
Abstract: Through the implementation of a predictor-corrector algorithm, it was possible to determine the maximum energy to be dissipated caused by an earthquake, using dissipative cubic cells. These cells, made of elastomers, form together with the tile floor, a coordinated system of elements that resist the effect of the energy causing seismicity in residential flooring. Inside these cells, a spring bolt absorbs the energy of the seismic movement, becoming a mini-sink. The final equation of energy balance considers the dynamic energy of the earthquake is equal to the sum of the energy of deformation of the bolt, the more power dissipation multiplied by a constant “α” as a factor representing the probable events torsion. The fluid elastomer, poured into the cells, it is attached to the tiles. Succeeding a seismic event, the elastomer vibrates with the same frequency vibration system, regulated by the spring bolt into the cured elastomer. If the frequency of vibration absorber system attached to coincide with the excitation frequency produced by the earthquake, then the mass of the main system remains still, and generates the absorber at all times on the structure forces equal and opposite excitation.
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