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Title: Waste reduction with lean manufacturing model in an alpaca wool workshop
Authors: Cristobal, J.
Quispe, G.
Dominguez, F.
Zapata, G.
Raymundo, C.
Keywords: Alpacas
Abastecimiento de agua
Industria textil
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 2020
Date available: 25-Feb-2021
Bibliographic citation: Cristobal, J., Quispe, G., Dominguez, F., Zapata, G., Raymundo, C. (2020). Waste reduction with lean manufacturing model in an alpaca wool workshop. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 999.
Abstract: This paper proposes the design of a quasi-experimental time-series model comprising lean manufacturing tools—such as the value stream mapping and 5S's—with the aim of reducing the level of waste and losses in a micro-company dedicated to the production of Alpaca wool clothing in Junín, Perú. The model implementation managed to reduce the level of waste by 7%, increase the efficiency in material consumption, and reduce the cycle time and total supply time. The implementation of the model allowed reducing the level of waste in the production process and creating an organizational culture based on order, cleanliness, discipline, and teamwork.
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Source: Universidad Continental
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