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Title: Methodology for the development of technological solutions, based on heterogeneous communication protocols: IOT + RFID
Authors: Auccahuasi, Wilver
Urbano, Kitty
Ovalle, Christian
Felippe, Marco
Pacheco, Orlando
Sandivar, Juana
Ledezma, Carlos
Farfan, Amaury
Felix, Edwin
Ruiz, Mario
Keywords: Análisis de sistemas
Publisher: Universidad Continental
Issue Date: 2021
Date available: 19-Aug-2021
Bibliographic citation: Auccahuasi, W., Urbano, K., Ovalle, C., Felippe, M., Pacheco, O., Sandivar, J., Ledezma, C., Farfan, A., Felix, E. y Ruiz, M. (2021). Methodology for the development of technological solutions, based on heterogeneous communication protocols: IOT + RFID. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2875.
Abstract: Currently with the development of technology, we can find a number of devices with different communication and connectivity technologies, which can be used for different applications. We can find devices that can be connected through wireless networks using protocols such as WIFI, Bluetooth, RF, among others, that allow information to be sent and received. We also find devices that are used to store relevant and important information and that is always available such as RFID. In an analysis to evaluate the strategy in solving problems, we can find different ways to use these devices working individually, the complexity of the solution grows increasing the level of complexity, if you decide to integrate different communication protocols with the intention to have a more robust solution that allows the integration of different technologies. In this paper we present a methodology to be able to propose solutions based on the use of different communication technologies, in order to find a sequence of steps necessary for choosing the right hardware as well as its final integration. The results are presented through a sequence of steps for the implementation of the methodology with the use of IOT and RFID technologies, as well as the description of the frame for sending packets between the different devices, the methodology is easy to implement as well as be scalable
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Source: Universidad Continental
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