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dc.contributor.authorAñorga-Zavaleta, Rosmeryes_ES
dc.contributor.authorJosco-Mendoza, Janetes_ES
dc.contributor.authorOcaña-Fernández, Yolvies_ES
dc.identifier.citationAñorga, R., Josco, J., Ocaña, Y., (2020). Emotional intelligence and styles of affront to stress in university students of education, [14].es_ES
dc.descriptionThe investigation aimed to determine the relationship between emotional intelligence and coping styles in a sample of 198 students. The research was embodied under the quantitative approach of the basic type. The non-experimental cross-sectional design was selected. In the first place, the instruments were validated; secondly, the reliability of the instruments; thirdly, the survey was applied to the analysis units in 30-minute sessions in person; fourth, the data was tabulated and descriptive and inferetial statistics were carried out. It was concluded that there is a positive, significant and very high relationship between both variables given that the degree of relationship of the variable emotional intelligence and coping styles to stress was rs = 0.912, in addition, it was found that its significance was less than 5% (p = 0.00).es_ES
dc.format.extentp. [14]es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad Continentales_ES
dc.subjectInteligencia emocionales_ES
dc.subjectAfrontando el estréses_ES
dc.titleEmotional intelligence and styles of affront to stress in university students of educationes_ES
dc.rights.licenseAttribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)es_ES
dc.rights.accessRightsAcceso abiertoes_ES
dc.identifier.journalTurismo-Estudos e Praticases_ES
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