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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2018Teaching ethics to peruvian medical studentsMejia, C.R.; Vargas, M.; Verastegui-Díaz, A.; Quispe-Colquepisco, S.; Mena, L.S.; Mendoza, L.P.; Carbajal, M.
2018Socioeducational factors associated to the perception of mistreatment in peruvian medical studentsMejia, C.R.; Quiñones-Laveriano, D.M.; Chacón, J.I.; Aguirre-Valenzuela, E.A.; Heredia-Torres, P.L.; Miñan-Tapia, A.
2020Low publication rate of research studies presented at the international dental congress, Cuba 2015Corrales-Reyes, I.E.; Chaple-Gil, A.M.; Miranda-Tarragó, J.D.; Fornaris-Cedeño, Y.; Dorta-Contreras, A.J.; Mejia, C.R.
2019Association of nutritional status and anemia with multi-micronutrient supplementation in young children in PeruMejia, C.R.; Sulca, P.A.; Hernani-Salazar, L.; Ricaldi-Asto, L.; Rojas, M.A.; Hernández-Arriaga, G.; Tovani-Palone, M.R.; Bueso-Pineda, L.
2019Socio-educational factors associated to perception of research among stomatology students in a cuban universityCorrales-Reyes, I.E.; Fornaris-Cedeño, Y.; Valdés-Gamboa, L.; Dorta-Contreras, A.J.,; Mejia, C.R.
2018Academic factors associated to procrastinationMejia, C.R.; Ruiz-Urbina, F.N.; Benites-Gamboa, D.; Pereda-Castro, W.b
2019Association between perception of salt consumption and blood hypertension in peruvian peopleFailoc-Rojas, V.E.; Valladares-Garrido, M.J.; Vilela-Estrada, M.A.; Bacilio-Peña, D.; Vilchez-Cornejo, J.; Inga-Mayta, N.; Solano, F.E.; Bustamante-Chávez, H.; Espinoza-Morales, F.; Mejia, C.R.
2018Abuse during adolescent pregnancy: a descriptive study in pregnant women who are seen in a public hospital in LimaMejia, C.R.; Delgado, M.; Mostto, F.; Torres, R.; Verastegui Díaz, A.; Cárdenas, M.M.; Almanza Mio, C.
2018Temporal variation of baseline CD4 + count on HIV diagnosis moment in adult patients at a social security hospital in Peru, 1999-2012Maquera Afaray, J.; Cárdenas, M.M.; Del Valle, L.G.; Mejia, C.R.
2018Influence of Habits on Depression in the Peruvian Medical Student: Study in Seven Administrative RegionsVargas, M.; Talledo Ulfe, L.; Heredia, P.; Quispe Colquepisco, S.; Mejia, C.R.