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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2018Differences in the ENAM grade and the university weighted average in applicants to the Peruvian Rural Health Service, 2008-2015Mendoza-Chuctaya, G.; Mejia, C.R.; Cano-Pucapuca, J.
2017Changes in hemoglobin (Hb) of miners exposed to high altitude and associated factorsMejia, C.R.; Quiñones-Laveriano, D.M.; Gomero, R.; Pérez-Pérez, L.
2018Male Chauvinism Among Peruvian Medical Students: Related Socio-Educational Factors in 12 Peruvian UniversitiesMejia, C.R.; Pulido Flores, J.; Quiñones Laveriano, D.M.; Nieto Gutierrez, W.; Heredia, P.
2018Reference time associated with the maternal mortality cause in the Regional Hospital Materno Infantil 'El Carmen', 2009-2015Mejia, C.R.; Cárdenas, M.M.; Miñan Tapia, A.; Torres Riveros, G.S.
2018Temporal variation of baseline CD4 + count on HIV diagnosis moment in adult patients at a social security hospital in Peru, 1999-2012Maquera Afaray, J.; Cárdenas, M.M.; Del Valle, L.G.; Mejia, C.R.
2018Response to the possible identification bias of patients with rare or high-cost diseasesMejia, C.R.; Valladares Garrido, M.J.; Valladares Garrido, D.; Bazán Ruiz, S.
2018Scientific women: Characteristics and factors associated with being first author and author for correspondence in Peruvian journals indexed to SciELO, 2010-2015Centeno Leguía, D.; Morales Concha, L.N.; Lopez, C.E.; Mejia, C.R.
2018Consumption of traditional alcoholic beverages in children from a rural village in Northern Peru, 2017 [version 2; referees: 1 approved, 2 approved with reservations]Ramírez Ubillus, J.M.; Vilela Estrada, M.A.; Herrera Arce, S.A.; Mejía Morales, E.; Mejia, C.R.
Mar-2019A previous degree as a factor associated with the use of search engines by Latin American medical students: When experience does not countMejia, C.R.; Valladares-Garrido, M.J.; Quintana-Gomez, S.; Heredia, P.
2018Scientific publication of medical teachers in a colombian university: Characteristics and associated factorsPulido-Medina, C.; Mejia, C.R.