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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020Bullying victimization at school and subjective well-being in early and late Peruvian adolescents in residential care: The contribution of satisfaction with microsystem domainsOriol, Xavier; Miranda, Rafael; Unanue, Jesus
2016Consumo de alcohol en estudiantes de instituciones educativas de nivel secundario en HuancayoDe La O Diaz, Jhackz
2019Adolescent Bullying Victimization and Life Satisfaction: Can Family and School Adult Support Figures Mitigate this Effect?Miranda, R.; Oriol, X.; Amutio, A.; Ortúzar, H.
Jun-2017Socio-educational factors associated with tobacco use in secondary school students in a rural area of northern PeruValladares-Garrido, M.J.; Mariñas-Miranda, W.; Velasco-Ferreyra, M.P.; Mejia, C.R.
2017Analysis of addiction test applied to adolescents, users of digital social mediaMamani Lopez, M.J.; do Nascimento, D.E.; Rocha, S.H.; Santoyo, A.H.
2019Adverse neonatal outcomes in pregnancies with severe preeclampsia and its associated factorsBolarte, NS; Loli, SL; Torres, Y; Pezo-Pezo, AM; Gonzales, MR; Quispe, AM
2019Risk and protective factors at school: Reducing bullies and promoting positive bystanders’ behaviors in adolescenceMiranda, R.; Oriol, X.; Amutio, A.
Oct-2019Overweight and Obesity Related to Food Consumption and Physical Activity inSchool Children aged 9-14,ofState Educational Institutions in Cerro Colorado District,Arequipa-PeruVillalba-Condori, Klinge; Berroa-Garagate, Hania Carola; Begazo Miranda, José Oscar; Ramos-Quispe, Teresa; Ponce-Soto, Luis Alberto
2018Abuse during adolescent pregnancy: a descriptive study in pregnant women who are seen in a public hospital in LimaMejia, C.R.; Delgado, M.; Mostto, F.; Torres, R.; Verastegui Díaz, A.; Cárdenas, M.M.; Almanza Mio, C.
Jul-2019Correlates of bullying victimization and sexual harassment: Implications for life satisfaction in late adolescentsOriol, X.; Miranda, R.; Amutio, A.