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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Factors associated with depression in doctors who will work in rural areas of PeruMejia, C.R.; Vega-Melgar, V.; Jiménez-Meza, Y.; Chacón, J.I.; Inga-Berrospi, F
2020Risk factors and injury causes in occupational accidents in 8 peruvian provincesCardenas, Matlin M.; Cáceres-del-Carpio, Javier; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Factors associated with variation in spirometric values in workers at high altitudeMejia, Christian R.; Cárdenas, Matlin M.; Cáceres, Onice J.; Verastegui-Diaz, Araseli; Vera, Claudia A.; Gomero-Cuadra, Raúl
2017Cambios en la hemoglobina (Hb) de trabajadores mineros expuestos a gran altura y factores asociadosMejia, Christian R.; Quiñones-Laveriano, Dante M.; Gomero, Raúl; Pérez-Pérez, Luis
2021Obesity as a cause of non-work skills in construction companies, Lima 2011 - 2017Valdez, Yackelini; Mejia, Christian R.
2021Perceived job insecurity in employment due to the impact of covid-19: Validation of an instrument on peruvian workers (labor-pe-covid-19)Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Apaza Tarqui, Edison Effer; Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Rodriguez-Alarcon, J. Franco; Mejía, Christian R.
2020Social-work factors associated with the variation of bmi andwaist diameter inworkers from 15 Peruvian citiesMejia, Christian R.; Failoc-Rojas, Virgilio E.; Cárdenas, Matlin M.; Rodriguez – Alarcón, J. Franco
2021Design and validation of a financial stress scale in Peruvian dependent workers during the COVID-19 pandemic (EFT-Cov19)Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Rodriguez-Alarcón, J. Franco; Villafuerte De La Cruz, Avelino Sebastian; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Mejia, Christian R.
2021Factors associated with the development of lumbar pain in nine risk occupations in the peruvian mountainsInga, Sharon; Rubina, Karen; Mejia, Christian R.
2021Depression, anxiety, and stress in health professionals working during the covid-19 pandemic in Peru: An analytical cross-sectional studyQuispe-Sancho, Alan; Chambi-Macedo, Katerin Lesly; Laurel-Vargas, Verónica; Huamani-Merma, Edson; Cuzcano-Gonzales, Katherine Vanesa; Huaita-Rocha, Milagros Alexandra; Mendoza-Guillen, Lesly; Sanchez-Choquepata, Akemi Diana; Fuentes-Casani, Jheampiero; Bandeira, António; Tovani-Palone, Marcos Roberto; Mejia, Christian R.