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2021Effects of Climate Change on the Surface Waters of the Santa River, la Rinconada - Ancash - PeruCampomanes, G.P.,; Lannacone, J.
2021Methodology for the Implementation of an interoperability protocol between RFID - NFC, applied to the registration of vaccines for COVID-19Herrera, Lucas; Ovalle, Christian; Urbanoc, Kitty; Bernardo, Grisi; Pereze, Iván; Farfan, Amaury; Diaz, Monica; Romero, Luis; Felix, Edwin; Auccahuasi, Wilver
2021Application of serial communication in industrial automation processesAuccahuasia, Wilver; Urbanob, Kitty; Ovalle, Christian; Felippe, Marco; Pacheco, Orlando; Bejar, Manuel; Ledezma, Carlos; Farfan, Amaury; Felix, Edwin; Ruiz, Mario
2020Defect detection on andean potatoes using deep learning and adaptive learningCruz Casaño, Celso De La; Cataño Sánchez, Miguel; Rojas Chavez, Freddy; Vicente Ramos, Wagner
2021Factors limiting the industrial development of marine macroalgae in the district of Marcona, PeruSebastián Bernuy, Santos Edgard; Silvera Sanchez, Karina; Quispe Santivañez, Grimaldo Wilfredo
2020Waste reduction with lean manufacturing model in an alpaca wool workshopCristobal, J.; Quispe, G.; Dominguez, F.; Zapata, G.; Raymundo, C.
2021Mechatronic exoskeletons for lower-limb rehabilitation: An innovative reviewHuamanchahua, Deyby; Taza-Aquino, Yerson; Figueroa-Bados, Jhon; Alanya-Villanueva, Jason; Vargas-Martinez, Adriana; Ramirez-Mendoza, Ricardo A.
2021Design of an Automated Machine that Projects Ultraviolet Rays for the Safety of Food Products for SupermarketsChamorro Quijano, Sario Angel; Figueroa Bados, Jhon Stalin; Cruz Esteban, Dominick Marco; Coaquira Rojo, Carlos Alberto; Moggiano, Nabilt
2021Electric Power Generation Modeling for an Experimental Biomimetic Turbine with Permanent Magnets in Places with Low Water Flow in the Mantaro Valley-PerúCamayo, K.J.; Quispe, C.; Moggiano, N.
2020Design of a PID control system for a wastewater treatment plantFigueroa Bados, Jhon Stalin; Platero Morejón, Iralmy Yipsy