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2020Erectile dysfunction associated with sleep disorders in young adult students of a peruvian universityGutierrez-Velarde, P.; Grandez-Urbina, J.A.; Zevallos-Mendoza, F.A.; Peñaranda-Hinostroza, A.; De la Cruz-Vargas, J.A.
2020Penile doppler ultrasound findings associated with severity in patients with dysfunction erectile in a private institution in LimaParedes-Boyer, J.J.; Verde-Guerra, K.; Arias-Nolazco, R.; Espejo-Zarate, G.; Pichardo-Rodriguez, R.; Saldaña-Gallo, J.; Grandez-Urbina, J.A.
2020Risk factors associated with severity of erectile dysfunction in adults of the hemodialysis unit in a reference hospital in PeruPretell-Vilchez, M.D.; Grandez-Urbina, J.A.; De La Cruz-Vargas, J.A.
2020Severity associated factors in male patients diagnosed with chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain (cp/cpps) in private practice in PeruGonzalo-Rodriguez, B.; Ronceros-Mayorga, V.; Pichardo-Rodriguez, R.; Arias-Nolazco, R.; Saldaña-Gallo, J.; Espejo-Zarate, G.; Verde-Guerra, K.; Grandez-Urbina, J.A.
2020Systemic loxoscelism in an epileptic patient.Pichardo-Rodriguez, R.; Grandez-Urbina, J.A.; Zegarra del Rosario-Alvarado, S.; del Carpio-Yañez, V.A.; Saavedra-Velasco, M.; Garcia-Perdomo, H.A.
2020The lifestyle associated with the presence of premature ejaculation in young adults in a peruvian universityZevallos-Mendoza, F.A.; Gutierrez-Velarde, P.; Peñaranda-Hinostroza, A.; Grandez-Urbina, J.A.; De la Cruz-Vargas, J.A.