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IV_FCE_112_Ingaroca_Gomez _Huamanchahua_2023.pdf.jpg2023Automatic Sorting System Based on Sensors for The Extrusion of Filament Used in 3d Printers Based on Recycled Pet Plastic BottlesIngaroca Ames, John Axell; Gomez Pariona, Andony Leonel; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol
IV_FIN_112_TE_Delcarpio_Ortiz_Macuri_Chamorro_Huamanchahua_2023.pdf.jpg2023Comparison Analysis of FIR, ARX, ARMAX by Least-Squares Estimation of the Temperature Variations of a Pasteurization ProcessDel Carpio Ramirez, Sliver Ivan; Ortiz Zacarias, Jhon Rodrigo; Macuri Vasquez, Jalber Brayan; Chamorro Quijano, Sario Angel; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol
IV_FIN_112_TE_Oroya_Oroya_Huamanchahua_2021.pdf.jpg2021Design a hand orthosis to aid post-stroke patients with hemiplegiaOroya Barreto, Jhulino Alexis; Oroya Barreto, David Dario; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol
IV_FIN_112_TE_Cuyubamba_Asto_Almerco_Valenzuela_Moggiano_2022.pdf.jpg2022Design and performance study of the heat exchanger of a fin-based thermoelectric generator via numerical simulationsCuyubamba Povez, Patrick Albino; Asto Evangelista, Joel; Almerco Ataucusi, Jean Raul; Valenzuela Lino, Yadhira Samhira; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol; Moggiano Aburto, Nabilt Jill
IV_FIN_112_TE_ Solano_Huaman_Huamanchahua_2023.pdf.jpg2023Proof of concept design for terrain type recognition in urban environmentsSolano Esteban, Ronald Davies; Huaman Martinez, Jayr Jamie; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol
IV_FIN_112_TE_García_Huaripata_Córdova_2022.pdf.jpg2022Proof of concept of an ROV to measure the contamination level of natural waters in peruvian high andean zonesGarcia Romero, Antony Yimber; Huaripata Leon, Jhon Jaime; Ramos Cordova, Elian Eleazar; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol
IV_FIN_112_TE_Urruchi_Cervantes_Huamanchahua_2023.pdf.jpg2023Proposal of a swimming pool drowning detection system using cameras and raspberry Pi based on machine learningUrruchi Millan, Christopher Mattew; Cervantes Chauca, Daniel Fernando; Huamanchahua Canchanya, Deyby Maycol