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Título: Design of an Automated Machine that Projects Ultraviolet Rays for the Safety of Food Products for Supermarkets
Autor(es): Chamorro Quijano, Sario Angel
Figueroa Bados, Jhon Stalin
Cruz Esteban, Dominick Marco
Adviser: Moggiano Aburto, Nabilt Jill
Palavras-chave: Automatización
Diseño de máquinas
Inteligencia artificial
Editor: Universidad Continental
Data do documento: 2021
Date available: 1-Jul-2022
Citação: Chamorro, S., Figueroa, J. y Cruz, D. (2021). Design of an Automated Machine that Projects Ultraviolet Rays for the Safety of Food Products for Supermarkets. Tesis para optar el título profesional de Ingeniero Mecatrónico, Escuela Académico Profesional de Ingeniería Mecatrónica, Universidad Continental, Huancayo, Perú.
Resumo: Abstract—This research presents the design and control of a machine for use in shopping centers and markets, which has been designed using mechatronic systems and artificial intelligence. In this research, a control is established for each moment of use, thus being more autonomous and efficient. The development of the project shows that the action of a reconnaissance camera with artificial intelligence before the disinfection chamber and mechanized pivoting arms at the outlet improves the autonomy of the machine. Also, a control panel was added that regulates the selection and control process in case of inconveniences; In addition, the type C UV disinfection chamber is covered with ABS polymer to prevent the rays from going outside. From the above, the mechatronic system implemented will improve the quality and disinfection time of the products in supermarkets.
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Source: Universidad Continental
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