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2021Monte carlo simulation in a peruvian highwayEspinoza Jaco, Jean Carlos; Lopez Galarza, Claudia Margarita; Monteagudo Venero, Roy; Deza Quispe, Jimmy Alberth
2020Socio-educational factors associated with the non-use of contraceptive methods in university students from four Latin American countriesMejia, Christian R.; Oporto, Fernanda M.; Taya-C, Lucila; Oscco, Shirley S.; Bustamante, Fabian M.; Quispe, Leslie; Santillan, Leidy A.; Miranda, Cynthia A.
2021Incidence of internal marketing and organizational commitment in the retail sectorCanales-Requenaa, Junior; Ccanto-Ingaa, Olenka; Mendizabal Lizarbea, Johann; Vicente- Ramosa, Wagner
2021Validation of a scale to evaluate motivational reasons to study dentistry in Cuba (Meec-7)Corrales-Reyes, Ibraín Enrique; Naranjo-Zaldívar, Héctor Andrés; Ruiz Mamani, Percy G.; Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Mejia, Christian R.
2020Microvascular free-flap reconstruction in acute hard-to-heal woundsCiudad, Pedro; Vargas, Maria I.; Castillo-Soto, Ana; Sanchez, Jefferson R.; Manrique, Oscar J.; Bustos, Samyd S.; Forte, Antonio J.; Huayllani, Maria T.; Soto, Zoila; Grández-Urbina, J. Antonio
2021Seeing through the clouds - Mapping desert fog oasis ecosystems using 20 years of MODIS imagery over Peru and ChileMoat, Justin; Orellana-Garcia, Alfonso; Tovar, Carolina; Arakaki, Mónica; Arana, César; Cano, Asunción; Faundez, Luis; Gardner, Martin; Hechenleitner, Paulina; Hepp, Josefina; Lewis, Gwilym; Mamani, José-Manuel; Miyasiro, María; Whaley, Oliver Q.
2020Labor antiquity and its relationship with the type of labor accident of Peru workersMejia, Christian R.; Ccusi, Sonia G.; Solano-Nuñez, Lisbeth G.; Capacute-Ch, Katerine; Vicente, Eddy R.
2021Training in research competences as a pedagogical strategy for education committed to social welfareInfante Rivera, Lipselotte de Jesús
2021Recurrence of Urinary Tract Infections due to Escherichia coli and Its Association with Antimicrobial ResistanceOrmeño, Maria Angeles; Ormeño, Maria José; Quispe, Antonio M.; Arias-Linares, Miguel Angel; Linares, Elba; Loza, Felix; Ruiz, Joaquim; Pons, Maria J.
2019Obstructive ictericia by neuroma of amputation of via biliar. Case reportFernández-Luque, Jorge L.; Chávez-Valencia, Paolo G.; Venturelli-Romero, Maria Grazia; Arenas-Gamio, José L.; Pichardo-Rodriguez, Rafael; Grandez-Urbina, J. Antonio