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2021Factors limiting the industrial development of marine macroalgae in the district of Marcona, PeruSebastián Bernuy, Santos Edgard; Silvera Sanchez, Karina; Quispe Santivañez, Grimaldo Wilfredo
2021Mobile robot to assist in therapies for children with autismTaype Mateo, M.K.; Quispe Santivañez, G.W.
2020Waste reduction with lean manufacturing model in an alpaca wool workshopCristobal, J.; Quispe, G.; Dominguez, F.; Zapata, G.; Raymundo, C.
2020Proposal to optimize electricity consumption costs for regulated clients in medium and low voltage - case study: PeruJorge Ramos, Jhanira Felicita; Paucar Condori, Fredy; Moggiano Aburto, Nabilt
2020Perception of the gender gap in computer engineering studies: a comparative study in Peru and ArgentinaGarcia-Holgado, Alicia; Deco, Claudia; Bredegal-Alpaca, Norka; Bender, Cristina; Villalba-Condori, Klinge Orlando
2020Design of a PID control system for a wastewater treatment plantFigueroa Bados, Jhon Stalin; Platero Morejón, Iralmy Yipsy
2020Degradation of methylene blue with iron recovered from acid mine drainage by applying the homogenous fenton like processGarcía Jiménez, Dante M.; Oré Núñez, Elizabeth C.
2020Defect detection on andean potatoes using deep learning and adaptive learningCruz Casaño, Celso De La; Cataño Sánchez, Miguel; Rojas Chavez, Freddy; Vicente Ramos, Wagner
2020Analyzing students behavior in a mooc course: a process-oriented approachBernal, Franklin; Maldonado Mahauad, Jorge Javier; Zuñiga Prieto, Miguel Angel; Villalva-Condori, Klinge; Veintimilla-Reyes, Jaime; Mejía, Magaly
2020A network for advancing dendrochronology, dendrochemistry and dendrohydrology in South AmericaAguilera Betty, Isabella; Lucas, Cristine; Ferrero, María Eugenia; Muñoz, Ariel A.
2019Multiple adoption of program accreditation models and campus licence: an university experienceCamborda, Maria; Dávila, Abraham
3-6月-2019A learning analytics experience using interaction visualization dashboards to support virtual tutoringOliva-Córdova, L.M.; Amado-Salvatierra, H.R.; Monterroso, L.; Bojórquez-Roque, M.S.; Villalba-Condori, K.
29-6月-2019Higher Education Challenge Characterization to Implement Automated Essay Scoring Model for Universities with a Current Traditional Learning Evaluation SystemMachicao, J.C.
15-12月-2019Storytelling with holograms for the development of reading competenceSancho, J.V.; De la Gala Quispe, K.; Condori, K.V.
10-12月-2019Identification of strategic activities in the process of adoption of the methodology by cases applied to the students of the accounting course for the improvement of their academic performance, Arequipa, 2019Ramírez-Lazo, P.C.; Medina-Carpio, O.C.; Acobo-Moreno, K.V.
10-12月-2019Use of technologies for the production of texts with academic originalityCantoral, E.M.; Suárez, S.M.E.
6-2月-2019Elastomeros cells as sinks seismic joints for contraction in floors expansion and slidingVera, B.; Farfán, D.; Vizcardo, A.
12-8月-2019Peruvian Ombudsman monthly social conflict reports analysis using knowledge management and artificial intelligence toolsMachicao, J.C.; Arosemena, G.M.
2-10月-2019Evaluation of muscular functional recovery based on concentration and meditation levels through the use of the computer brain interfaceAiquipa, W.A.; Bernardo, G.; Bernardo, M.; Flores, E.; Sernaque, F.; Núñez, E.O.
2-10月-2019Analysis of images in the discrimination of land cover, by processing radar satellite imagesAiquipa, W.A.; Sernaque, F.; Aiquipa, O.; Flores, E.; Diaz, M.; Núñez, E.O.
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