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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Nov-2019Exploration of AI-based innovation opportunities within the 'Pastoral da Criança' maternal-child healthcare modelNeumann, N.A.; De Oliveira, F.A.C.; Machicao, J.C.; Velasquez, O.C.
20-Nov-2019Design of a control and monitoring system to reduce traffic accidents due to drowsiness through image processingEraldo, B.; Quispe, G.; Chavez-Arias, H.; Raymundo-Ibanez, C.; Dominguez, F.
20-Nov-2019Design of a solar tracker to improve the capture of solar radiation in photovoltaic panels using a closed loop control systemGaspar, C.; Quispe, G.; Zapata-Ramirez, G.; Raymundo-Ibanez, C.; Rivera, L.
20-Nov-2019Design of an unmanned aerial system for the detection of dangerous areas during firesDaviran, R.; Quispe, G.; Chavez-Arias, H.; Raymundo-Ibanez, C.; Dominguez, F.
20-Nov-2019Mobile Robot for the Spraying of Corn Crops with autonomous navigation camera for the Plains of the AndesCarbajal, J.; Quispe, G.; Chavez-Arias, H.; Raymundo-Ibanez, C.; Dominguez, F.
22-Nov-2019Design of a hexapod robot using artificial intelligence for the routes of the peruvian andesAbarca, A.; Quispe, G.; Zapata-Ramirez, G.; Raymundo-Ibanez, C.; Rivera, L.
23-Nov-2019Detection of microcalcifications in digital mammography images, using deep learning techniques, based on peruvian casuistryAuccahuasi, W.; Delrieux, C.; Sernaque, F.; Flores, E.; Moggiano, N.
23-Nov-2019Technique for the comparison of concentration and meditation levels in the performance of rehabilitation exercises in bicycle, using virtual reality techniques and brain computer interfaceAuccahuasi, W.; Flores, E.; Sernaque, F.; Sandivar, J.; Castro, P.; Gutarra, F.; Moggiano, N.
15-Nov-2019Analysis of the comparison of the levels of concentration and meditation in the realization of academic activities and activities related to videogames, based on brain computer interfaceAuccahuasi, W.; Díaz, M.; Sernaque, F.; Flores, E.; Aiquipa, G.; Rojas, G.; Castro, P.; Moggiano, N.
15-Nov-2019Analysis of a mechanism to evaluate upper limb muscle activity based on surface electromyography using the Myo-EMG deviceAuccahuasi, W.; Rojas, G.; Auccahuasi, A.; Flores, E.; Castro, P.; Sernaque, F.; Ginocchio, I.; Moggiano, N.
15-Nov-2019Design of a mechanism based on virtual reality to improve the ability of graduated motor imagery, using the brain computer interfaceAuccahuasi, W.; Diaz, M.; Sandivar, J.; Flores, E.; Sernaque, F.; Bejar, M.; Ginocchio, I.; Moggiano, N.
25-Nov-2019Electromechanical Device for Temperature Control of Internal Combustion EnginesMamani, A.; Quispe, G.; Raymundo-Ibañeez, C.
25-Nov-2019Ventilation System Simulation Model at a MineArtica, I.; Quispe, G.; Raymundo-Ibañeez, C.
25-Nov-2019Controlled Trim-Blasting Model to Improve Stability and Reduce Vibrations at a Production Gallery of the San Ignacio de Morococha S.A.A. Mining CompanyCamallanqui-Alborque, C.; Quispe, G.; Raymundo-Ibañeez, C.
2019Heavy Object Lifting Platform to Correct Human Balance and PostureRaymundo, F.; Quispe, G.; Raymundo-Ibañeez, C.
3-Apr-2020Drilling-and-Blasting Mesh Design for Underground Mining Using the Holmberg MethodPoma, Max; Quispe, Grimaldo; Mamani-Macedo, Nestor; Zapata, Gianpierre; Raymundo-Ibañez, Carlos; Dominguez, Francisco
Jul-2019Precipitación Selectiva del Drenaje Ácido de Mina para la Obtención de Sulfato de Hierro(III) aplicable en el Tratamiento de AguaOré Núñez, E.C.; García Jiménez, D.M.; Vidalón, S.O.
2019The impact of the strategic learning achievement program in primary education students in ArequipaCastro-Cuba-Sayco, S.E.,; García-Holgado, A.; Ramos-Quispe, T.; Martinez-Puma, E.; Bejarano-Meza, M.E.; Espinoza-Suarez, S.M.
2018Percepción de la Autoeficacia Docente Colectiva en el Profesorado de una Universidad Pública EspañolaGonzales Miñán, Milagros del Carmen
3-Apr-2020Occupational Health and Safety Management Model for Mining ContractsCano, Yakelin; Quispe, Grimaldo; Chavez, Heyul; Mamani-Macedo, Nestor; Raymundo-Ibañez, Carlos; Dominguez, Francisco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41